School, Post Office, and Town Established

On June 11, 1890, a post office was established at Elmore, Indian Territory. The site was named for early pioneer James Oliver Elmore, who was born in Perry, Missouri in 1842. The town was officially incorporated in 1898. The name of the U.S. Post Office was changed to Banner in 1910, and changed again to “Elmore City" in 1911.

The first historical record of a school in the area pre-dates both the post office and town. An area school was in existence as early as 1882. The original school site was less than a mile south and slightly east of the current Elmore City Cemetery. The school remained at that location until 1897. That same log-cabin school building is thought to have served as an early Presbyterian Church. The last teacher documented at that school location (1897) was Grant Warren (below), who also taught the first year in town.

Grant Warren
In 1897, the town of Elmore was a developing trade center within the Chickasaw Nation and the school building was moved to town. 

1897 - The School is Moved to Town
In 1897, Elmore was a developing trade center in the Chickasaw Nation. The decision was made to move the rural school to town. The site selected for the school was on Texas Street, very near the current First Baptist Church. The school was situated between the Unsell house to the north and the Northcutt house to the south. Grant Warren taught the first term at this site. Other teachers who followed at this location were Mr. Collier, Maggie Dooley, Sam Poyner, Mr. Eggleston, and Tom Liner. In 1903, the school was moved on wooden rollers by two teams of horses to the hill where the elementary school now stands. Teachers at that location were Mr. Lamask and Will Justice. That building was replaced in 1905 with another structure, where Mr. Bandy and his sister taught. Teachers in that building included Mr. French, Mr. Schaufleberger, Elsie McCain, Ethel Landon, and several others.
The 1908 Elmore School

This large wooden stricture was sometimes called the “three story school," becasue of full-size attic on the top floor. It was built by Bob and Will Lindsey and was located on the current high school campus site.

1908 School Building

1918 Accreditation Letter

1918 Letter confirming that Elmore City Schools meet the state standards for accreditation.


Voters approved a bond issue to build a new school in 1925. The three-story wooden school of 1908 was removed and replaced by a large brick building. The new school was divided into two long hallways, or wings, separating the high school students from the junior high students. The 1925 school faced south toward "D" Street (now Lindsey Street / Highway 29.)

The rock retaining wall and steps to the school are still in place today.  

1925 Elmore CitySchool Building

The 1956 EC High School

On April 20, 1955, voters in the Elmore City school district approved a $130,000 bond issue for the purpose of constructing a new high school. The new building was constructed on the existing high school campus - and the 1925 brick high school was razed.

1956 High School